Some things...

Okay, first, I would like to say that I do NOT want to talk about the recent engagement of Ryan Adams to MANDY FUCKING MOORE. Because it hurts me and she is...just...RIDICULOUS. That is all.

(Ryan, if you are reading this, I have one thing to say...SERIOUSLY?!)

Secondly, I know I have been a bad blogger but things haven't been all that interesting lately. Aside from the "Jesus Watching", I mean, even when he isn't doing anything but crawling in and out of a bush, I am enthralled. But...I am easily amused.

I did go to a party recently, though, that was really awesome. I want to preface this story, however, by reminding you (and myself) that I have sworn to stay AWAY from giant inflatable things that are SUPPOSED to be fun for all. Many of you might remember the time I almost died in a giant bounce house/waterslide. Yes, yes...this would be the same day that Spliff broke her foot and JM lost her shoes. Yep.

So, that said, I did NOT avoid the giant, inflatable party toy which was a JOUSTING RING and I am pretty sure that I sprained my ankle. This time, though, I did everything possible (aside from NOT ENTERING THE RING) to avoid injury. I did not stand on the 3-foot platform and decided that I would beat my friend's husband from the "ground". It was going well until he decided to let me win and dramatically fell down, forcing me to laugh myself onto my ass. Then, just when I finally made it to his side of the ring, I leaned on the side and did a back-flip OUT of it and onto my ass again, this time...on the ACTUAL ground. This is when I pulled him out by his shirt forcing HIM to do a back-flip and rendering us both hysterical on the grass.

Then there was belly-dancing.

I am not sure if this is actually when my ankle was injured but...I have nowhere else to place blame. AGAIN, I vow...I WILL STAY AWAY FROM GIANT INFLATABLE PARTY GAMES. I WILL.

The end.

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