The Guilt Trip

I was a little skeptical when Anthony and Mak told me that we would be celebrating Anthony's 31st birthday in Ybor City. Anthony and I had never been there and Mak seemed to be planning to party like it was 1999 and being that I already did that (in 1999), I wasn't sure I was up for it. (Read: I am too old for this shit.) I tried to back out a couple of times because, well, let's face it, internet, in order to party like this you need money. And I don't have any. But there was insistence. And then there was more insistence. And then there was the Great Guilt Trip of 2009.

So Saturday, I pretended that it was 1999 (and that I was 19) and got in a car fully stocked with too much booze and let Mak drive while Anthony and I drank ourselves through rest stops, public restrooms and a casino. Yes, somehow along the way, we ended up at a casino, where Mak immediately won $100 and Anthony fell asleep at a table at the food court. I ended up with even LESS money and trying to convince someone to page Mak.

Me: Can you page my friend?
Her: Sure. What's his name?
Me: Mak.
Her: Last name?
Me: Just Asian Mak. I just want to embarrass him.
Her: I can't say that! I will get fired!
Me: Dammit.

Two seconds later, he ran up with a bunch of money and we woke Anthony up and headed out on our way. An hour later, we were in a pool in the middle of Ybor City with a bottle of Jagermeister and a bunch of new friends who had the same names as us. Weird? Yes. Yes it is. But then we found out that not only do they have the same names, they are from the same town.

To be continued..........

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