The Haps

Well, internet, I finally got that break from things that I have been so desperately needing. This weekend, however ridiculous, seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

Friday night, Spliff and I headed out to the (gasp!) North Side for dinner and drinks for a friend. It was a surprise party and we met at a sushi restaurant which only sold wine and beer. This is very, very bad. I’ll tell you why. Last Wednesday, I started the South Beach Diet (I have lost 10 lbs already, thankyouverymuch!) so could not have anything with carbs. Meaning, no sushi, no wine, no beer. I had thirteen diet cokes. MISERABLE. We then moved on to a dive bar in the middle of nowhere and danced like morons and gave each other temporary tattoos in the bathroom (and God help me, I can’t get this thing off!) and then I slept on a friend’s floor with a giant Labrador and even more giant stuffed tiger in my face. Oh, good times.

Saturday, I woke up too damn early, drove home from the North Side, took a shower, ate breakfast and headed for Orlando to spend the day with the JGJ. I have to say, internet, there is nothing better than running away from stress. We spent the day playing darts, pool, shopping, and then playing poker until the wee hours. It is so good to get away, but it is even better to have someone rad to spend time with. So, it was a good day. (Thanks, JGJ, for a great day!)

I came home yesterday , showered and went straight to dinner with Rack, Spliff and Anthony. I stepped outside to smoke and realized that the homeless guy sitting on the bench was quietly calling my name. Hmmm…after a closer look, I realized that about eleven years ago, he wasn’t homeless and his name was Brandon. We made out a couple times the summer after I graduated high school until he stole a shit ton of ecstasy from my friend, ate it all at once, and I believe, after we packed the car with all of his belongings and dropped them off in someone’s front yard, he was admitted into a mental hospital. I have no idea where he has been all this time. There have been a few sightings, but not for several years.

Needless to say, I, one, have awesome taste in guys and, two, pretended I didn’t speak English until we went back inside in hopes that he would think that he was mistaken. In the end, I didn’t have to speak to him, but he did sit out on the bench outside of the restaurant the entire time we were there. WOOHOO!

All in all, it was a nice (albeit short) weekend. I got to dance to Michael Jackson, sleep on a floor, actually beat someone at pool for once, take a nice long drive alone, listen to some new music, and play with the Pica…(JGJ’s dog…not the other meaning.)

Today, however, has just been weird. I got propositioned by a guy who used to read my blog. (I hope he doesn’t anymore, because…well, I am totally blogging about him right now). He wants me to meet him on Wednesday for a drink with him and his wife. Why does this happen to me? I don’t want any part of this. Obviously, I said that. But that is not the sort of email I like to receive. Especially during work hours.

THEN, I got to read that my ex is now “rage fucking” which is pretty rad. I shouldn’t have even read his blog, but I did because it is one of the normal stops while blog reading and I sort of do it out of habit. I am done doing that. It just made me want to vomit. Not jealous, not hurt, not anything but disgusted. Gross. Bleh.

That is all.

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