Soul Refreshing

Great news, guys! I have just been given the "Worst Blogger Ever" award and I accepted and made a speech. It went like this:
"I would like to thank..."(and then I saw something shiny and the speech was over. You know, I give speeches, much like I blog.)
Anyway, there really hasn't been much to report. I have been enjoying the single life once again, which is really much like living the un-single life for me, except I am free to make plans with WHO I want...WHEN I want and not have to remember that I told my boyfriend that MAYBE I would want to hang out on Friday and then hope that I don't decide that maybe has turned into "eh...no." (Huge relief!)  That was never a fun argument to have. (And I had it a LOT, because I never know what I want to do until I want to do it.)
But, things have been fun. I've had a lot of time to hang out with "my peeps" and play games such as "Wii bowling for shots of Captain" (which is sort of like trying to kill yourself but a lot more fun, really. But when you wake up in the morning, you will realize that being dead would be much less painful) and "Apples to Apples : Fermented Edition" (wherin the winner of every round takes a shot of beer and I think I have expressed to you that while, a shot of beer SEEMS like a harmless little thing...Many, many of them add up to equal disaster, or you know, lots of unexplained bruises and, if you are really lucky, a REALLY awkward conversation).
All in all, awkward conversations and bruises aside, it has been a good time for all.
I have even managed to regain contact with an old friend from high school (who is not getting a nickname here yet because he has the same initials as everyone I have ever met and I am running out of things to call people) who has kept me up pretty much every night for a week on the phone so that I get up in the morning cursing him.  (I don't wanna hear it from YOU!) I have to admit, staying on the phone until 2 am is really fun, until about 7 am...and then the alarm scares the bejesus out of me and I end up not remembering the drive to work. But I do sort of feel like I am in high school again...you know, without the excessive pot smoking and whatnot. 

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