And another post altogether!

I know, I know...TWO in ONE DAY! Crazy talk!

I am soooo not a morning person. And I am definitely not a Monday person either. (I am more of a Saturday night kind of girl.) So naturally, I am a bit pissed when the alarm started yelling at me to get my arse out of bed. But I begrudgingly did and as Spliff and I were walking out the door, I announced that today would be a Dunkin' Donuts day. We never go there...because I am not a terribly big fan, but I couldn't handle not having breakfast and didn't want to spend 10 bucks on a drink and a tiny breakfast sandwich from Starbucks...even though they are totally FIRE! Anyway, so we get there, and pull up to the speaker and the conversation goes, as follows:

Guy: (A little too enthusiastically for a Monday morning) GOOD MORNING! What can I get for you?

Me: Ummm...coffee, sandwich, sandwich, blah...

Guy: Will that complete your order?

Me: Yes.

Guy: And then?

Me: Ummmmm...(giggle) No? And then?

Guy: (long pause) AND THHHHHHHEN?! (snicker, snicker)

Me: (REALLY long pause...) NO AND THEN!!!!

Guy(s): (They had multiplied and they were laughing into the intercom like crazy people.)

At this point, I just drove to the window, Spliff and I both crying our newly applied mascara all over our faces. When we got to the window, there were three guys standing there cracking up and offering us a job...

That, my friends, was the best Monday morning, fast food experience I have ever had. Ever. Well done, Dunkin Donuts. Well done.


reas0n_ said...

i've been waiting forever to hear of you writing off that frilly almost-coffee crap and drinking some good ol' fashioned dunkin' donuts. :D

spaceface01 said...

You wouldn't know coffee if it bit you in the arse!