A Very Merry...30th Birthday?

Yes, internet, it is true. My twenties have ended and I have ventured into the dreaded thirties...

This year, The Idiot, Spliffany, Tony and I decided to take a trip to New Orleans for the Christmas holiday in order to a) boycott the Christmas holiday and b) celebrate my thirtieth birthday.

We saw Jackson Square, we ate crazy good cajun food, we drank Hurricanes on Bourbon Street and, of course, we saw some pole dancing at the Hustler Club. Because, that's how we roll. And really, in a place where there is some sort of sex-related store every fifteen steps, you can't avoid a strip club. Especially with two boys.

Some memorable points:
1. Amanda from AZ. Our first night in NOLA, while sitting at a really strange bar, we met her. She was awesome and instantly became our friend. We danced, we did shots, we ran around like morons! Love her!

2. The Cafe du Monde. We became covered in powdered sugar and were serenaded by street performers. Delish. It is shameful that I only visit once every 7 years.

3. Jambalaya omelets. Holy effing goodness, batman! I am totally a fan.

4. Getting stuck in the rain in front of the Jackson Brewery. WOOHOO!

5. Felix's. Best. Oysters. EVER. I found a pearl! (And thought that either I had lost a tooth or was trying to eat the ball from the bottom of my tongue ring!)

6. Hurricanes. You think you can handle them. You are wrong. They are insane!

7. Hot dogs from street vendors. These rival the Orange Tree. Seriously.

8. Andres. Nuff said.

9. Beads! And all I had to do was say it was my birthday! Honest!

10. The band at Sing, Sing! OMG. The best time ever!

11. Christmas morning Mimosas! We came prepared with three bottles of bubbly!

12. Being drunk walking down Decatur Street at noon on Christmas Day, trying to locate an open FOOD ESTABLISHMENT.

13. Chili Cheese Dog Pizza! Woot!

14. Harrah's Casino. Except that the only Wheel of Fortune machine they have is a $25 one! WHAT?!

15. Meyer the Hatter. We spent most of our time RIGHT HERE.

16. African food! Yummmmm!

17. Hand Grenades!

18. Tony becoming a street perfomer in Jackson Square.

19. The Olde Absinthe House! Absinthe is gross, ya'll. But the place was completely awesome. We sat by the fire and listened to Michael Jackson! Christmas Eve NOLA style!

20. The Funky Pirate!

That sums up a lot of the trip. It was such an amazing Christmas without the drama. I can honestly say that this is the first time in a very, very long time that having a birthday on Christmas Day did not suck ass! NOLA next Christmas, anyone?!

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