Generally Pissy

I'm having a pretty stupid day, internet. On top of the ridiculous night and then having to stumble in to work this morning with not nearly enough coffee to get me going, I have been "generally pissy" as it has just been described. Obviously, this is definitely due in part to my idiotic decision to stay out too late but I can't attribute it to that completely.
Work is making me pretty angry lately. Yesterday, there was a "Staff change" that is really sort of ridiculous.  And although, I am thankful that this change did not directly affect me and that I still have my job, I am pretty pissed because a very nice girl no longer does. We were assured that there would be no more of these "staff changes" happening, so there is a little peace of mind in that. But still. I am feeling punchy.
I don't know why, but ever since I moved out, I no longer can stand to see Spliff's face, hear her voice or even sense that she is walking by me. It doesn't help that she talks constantly. And very loudly. I think it is interesting though, that this would happen now that I am NOT seeing her 24 hours per day. But it has happened. And being that I am already feeling punchy, I wish I could just avoid her all together. I will not punch my "friend", I will not punch my "friend, I will not punch my "friend".  Forty more minutes and I will be in my car, heading as far away from here as possible.  Or to my apartment, anyway. Where I will hide until I have to get up and do this all again tomorrow. Terrific.
I am not really sure what has started this "General Pissiness" but it is pretty severe. I really have no reason to be angry at Spliff...(or on the verge of murdering her) unless you count all the little things that have happened over the years that I could call up just to keep score. That would most likely just send me right over the line and then the verge of murder would become actual murder and then I would be in jail. And you would miss this blog. I couldn't do that to you, internet.
I really do hope that this attitude of mine goes away soon, though. I can fake smile so many times a day. My face is going to break.  I can feel it. I smile a lot. But I usually mean it. Usually behind the smile are all sorts of pleasant thoughts, like puppies and butterflies. Lately? Butcher knives and chain saws.
If you see me with anything sharp, make sure Spliff is safe. 

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