On Being Stupid, Single and Sleepy

Oh, internet, how many times will I do this to myself?  Against my better judgment, I ventured out into the big green world of ridiculousness which is St. Patrick's Day. I actually didn't plan on doing it and I certainly shocked myself when I, at 9:30, got in the shower with the intent of actually leaving the house. Yes. I didn't even leave my apartment until almost 11pm. Is this a good plan? No. No, it is not.
First, I would like to point out that I am old. I should know better than to think that I can hang. I can't hang. I have said this before. I can stay out all night long, no problem. But don't you dare try and wake me up before 7am to make me go to work. I will be cranky. And possibly, homicidal. Don't try me, internet, I am scary enough on a regular morning. Believe me.
Secondly, I am wondering if there is  a particular reason that people refuse to understand that the fact that I am single is okay with me. In fact, it is more than okay. Most of the time, it is actually preferable. This is not some sort of ploy, internet, to get you to believe that I am self-sufficient and wholly independent. I actually AM these things.  It seems that every time I go out with certain friends of mine, they feel the need to bring along a friend of their boyfriend's or the brother or...you know, the homeless guy on the side of Mayport Road who looks like he might have some free time and/or some decent shoes. Last night was the first time in ages that I had hung out with M and, of course, she brought along someone who she thought I would like, promptly told him everything about me, practically pushed me into his lap and then gave him my number. Do I appreciate her concern? Yes. Do I want to date this kid? Not really. Has he now been texting me since 8am? Oh, heck yes. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting.
Lastly, I feel like I am dying. I am tired, bored and in need of coffee. That is all.

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