Smells like...Emo?

Sometimes, Internet, I really wish it was, like, 1994. Remember 1994? (If you don't, get out. You are too young to read this blog. Your mother will kill you.)

In 1994, if you were sad and wore plaid, you were normal. Now? If you are sad, you are emo, and while I am really not sure if that is good or not, it means you dress really...badly...and if you wear plaid, you are trendy (read: slutty, because everything that is plaid now, is really short and frightening and this is not how we did it...You...ummmm...no.)

I liked 1994. I did. If you looked sad, you were cool. And even if you weren't sad, you tried to look as if you were because then you could walk around the 8th grade hallways and no one would fuck with you. But now? There is no Nirvana. You can't get away with the cute sad. The thing is, if you weren't sad in 1994 when it WAS cute, right? And you are sad in 2010 when it isn't cute...what the hell do you do? Now it is called "Emo" evidently...what is that? What IS that?!

I miss 1994. When people screamed about things that mattered. Like, deodorant and daddy issues.

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