Pancakes and Pinatas

Well, internet, it has been a busy week, followed by a busy weekend, followed by a ridiculously long Monday (which, mind you, is still not over).
Friday, since Pookie and I were supposed to be attending a funeral but didn't (It was really far away and Pookie has a tendency to be more concerned with *The Silver Fox than anything else these days), I blew off the rest of the planet and other potential plans to fall asleep at 8pm, wake up at 10, make pancakes and then go back to sleep. I don't even like pancakes. Why did I make them? Because I live alone. And if I wake up at 10pm and want to make pancakes, dammit, I am going to make some effing pancakes. Word.
Saturday, my mom and I ran all over town looking for decorations and favors and you know, a giant flip-flop shaped pinata for Fish Head's co-ed Bridal Shower. We were pretty successful (especially in the pinata department) and managed to find a lot of fun stuff.  Now I have to concentrate on baking gluten free cake and making ceviche.  Ugggghhh.
After the shopping was over, Tony wisked me away to a 40th birthday party, where there was yet another pinata. This time we actually got to play with it which, I would like to point out, is hilarious when you have had some "Crunk Juice" and get to watch Tony swinging a multi-colored stick around until finally hitting it, knocking it completely down and then toppling over. Classic. First, there is nothing funnier in the world to me than watching people fall down. But watching TONY fall down? Oh that is GOOD stuff.
After we'd had enough 40th birthday fun, Tony and I headed out to meet Wheels and CB out at the only club that I will set foot in. We poured one for our homie John (actually, we just kind of, you know, drank one for him. Stop being so technical, internet, I am trying to update you on my weekend! Sheesh.) We had a good time, at least, I had a good time. I can only assume that Tony did too, seeing as when a bachelorette party full of Asian girls walked in, I never saw him again. You know, until the Ugly Lights came on and I literally had to drag him away from them.  I was perfectly content to stay there and let him get his last few minutes of dancing in before they threw him out, but while I was standing against the bar watching him, I suddenly became aware of someone booty dancing on me. Despite my many, many attempts to get him away from me, he had an unwavering will. He was born to boogie, ya'll.
Me: Who ARE you?
Him: (Boogie, boogie boogie)
Me: Ummm...Seriously. Who are you?
Him: (drop it like its hot)
Me: Okay...nevermind then.
This is when I had to get Tony and, well...Leave.
There is still a lot to do for the shower, but I managed to take yesterday all for me and do the things that adults do. You know, laundry, dishes, and dinner and "LOST" with Rack. (Yes, I am finally caught up! Woot!) I even, almost, got through a whole day without envisioning punching Spliff in the face. And of this, internet, I am proud. (Not too proud though, I said "almost".)
This week's gonna be a killer. Wish me luck!
* The Silver Fox is Pookie's new boyfriend. Who is old and married to someone else. So, naturally, he is perfect. Gross.


wmjwatson said...

If you don't even like pancakes, why do you own the batter?

spaceface01 said...

Oh, Watson, because when I moved out of that shithole, I thought to myself, "I should have things I never have", pancake batter being one of them. Spliff is a super-healthy eater...and while I love the super healthy, I also love all things carbohydrate.

(Still not pancakes, incase you wondered. I tried. I really did.)

wmjwatson said...

Try them with PB&J....mmmmmm