A Party and A Wind Tunnel

This weekend, internet, is the big Fish Head and Mr. Fish Head Co-Ed Bridal Shower Extravaganza.  Luckily, my office is closed tomorrow for Good Friday (I don't know how good it will be since it will be spent with The Mother doing things like cleaning shrimp and chopping tomatoes, but...) and I will hopefully have time to get everything done that needs to be done before the big party. Also, I hope to get a haircut...because, holy crap, internet, my hair is not a joke.
Yeah, yeah, I know.  I might be becoming a softie. But keep in mind, the last shower I went to was for my best friend. Of 18 years. And most of the people there were my friends. (And I only had to bring a thong and a broom.) And this, internet, is my little sister! I would do anything for FH. (You know, give her a kidney or whatever. ) And boys are invited. So, naturally, I invited Tony so that he can eat food. Because really, that is sort of all that concerns him and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't point him towards the home-cooking? Exactly! He is a growing boy....errrr...something like that.
Anyway, there should be a good turnout and hopefully, the registry is no reflection of the giftage. (Seriously? Who buys a couple ONE placemat out of the FOUR they registered for? WHO? Yes, someone actually did this.) Now I just have to find somewhere to hang that giant flip-flop pinata, make some deliciousness in the form of ceviche, and hope that I don't screw up my first gluten-free cake. Wish me luck!
Some other things of note:
1. I am throwing myself a shower. It will be an "I am not getting married and I don't like kids, now buy me things" shower.  I think it will work.
2. Casper just emailed me a picture of a placenta sandwich that sort of made me throw up in my mouth a little. Thanks, Casper.
3. When I came into work this morning, half of the office was swampland due to a broken toilet.  There are people here trying to fix it and I currently feel trapped in a rose-scented wind tunnel.
4. I am wondering if guys have some gene that tells them that a girl is absolutely interested in them if she ignores their calls.  Every time.
5. I just actually hissed and made my hand into a claw because my work phone rang. I think it might be time for a break.
That is all, internet. Please keep your fingers crossed that The Mother and I can see each other three days in a row without hurting each other. Thank you.

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