FH and Mr. FH's Co-Ed Bridal Shower Extravaganza

First, I would like to say that I am exhausted. I have cooked more food in the last week than I have in my entire life. (This is probably not true, but I think that it is pretty close.) I have taken a few good whacks at a pinata, drank my weight in homemade sangria, danced with my step-dad, been beaten up on my numerous cousins and one uncle, made 37 trips to various grocery stores, argued with my friend's completely ignorant boyfriend, forced FH and Mr. FH to wear a tiara and crown (of course, Mr. FH had to wear the tiara that said, "Bride to Be". That is a total lie. Although, I thought that it would have been fun), chased Tony with the pinata stick, and got to play with LBG! And most of that was just Saturday, internet, and I feel like I might collapse.
Fish Head and Mr. Fish Head's Co-Ed Bridal Shower Extravaganza was fun though. I was so busy, I didn't have time to be overwhelmed by the amount of family gathered in one place. And, to be fair, my step-sister and her husband didn't show up and that really would have been the source of most of the punchiness. I hate my brother-in-law. Hate.  But I am not going to get into that because he ranks so insanely high on the douchebag scale, that talking about him somewhere like my personal blog makes me feel dirty and wrong. Blek.
Anyway, so the lack of HIM, was a nice surprise. (It ensured that no jobless old loser would be following me around begging for cigarettes and trying to fit in with the younger dudes by cussing entirely too much and being generally idiotic...Blek.) The food turned out really well and I only wanted to kick my mom once or twice and basically just because I sat down twice in the first 7 hours I was there and both times, it was like she had radar. She found me and made me cook something or stir something, or play bartender. And, you know, for a shower of any variety, it was a blast. (I tend to not mind the ones where I know everyone, but FH is having another where I will know NO ONE in just about a month. Hooray. This is the one that will make me want to jump out the window, internet, this will be it.) 
I can't even really remember the rest of the weekend. The whole thing happened so fast and in a whirlwind of gluten-free deliciousness, it was gone. I am pretty sure, though, judging from the amount of sangria I made, and how quickly it disappeared, that everyone had a good time. Or at least a drunk time.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to make my little Fish Head smile. 
Crizzle OUT.  

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