Spring has Sprung

Well, internet, more than halfway through the week and not only am I still exhausted but I am insanely bored. Work has been rather uneventful this week. You know, aside from the constant Spliff chatter and/or cackle which I have, about 90% of the time, been able to drown out with my iPod, "Shabuta Jenkins 2.0". The only plans I have for the entire week include a trip to check out a new gym and, you know, to drink a lot of flat beer at Springing in the Blues.

There is talk of Randular coming in to town to celebrate Spring or Blues or...you know...beer, but plans have not been finalized. Part of me is super excited to see him because it has been too long and another part of me is just hoping that he does not want to stay with me because I really need to take up the whole bed and sleep as late as I want. And while Randular is not a massive person, he takes up more of the bed than...none of the bed. And he gets up really early. And I, for the life of me, do not understand early-risers. (Why do you people DO this?! And don't say "internal alarm clock" because that doesn't even make sense. Nature would not have you wake up at ungodly hours like you do. New excuse.)

Randular or no Randular though, I plan to spend most of my weekend, relaxing in the grass, flat beer in hand, taking in some blues music and being glad that my toes aren't frozen. Welcome Springtime. I have missed you.

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