Master Plan...by Criz

This week, in comparison to last week, has been pretty damn relaxing.  No one in my life or my close friends' lives is missing, I am not wondering when I will get paid, (yes, this is an issue in my life...and not because I don't have a job or a set pay period and whatnot, I just happen to have an idiot that works there who pays us all willie nillie. Yes. I said "willie nillie" just now. Get over it.) and I haven't been stressing about the screening. (Translation:  A lot of wine has been consumed and my boyfriend allows me the chill time to watch "Jersey Shore" in peace. This makes me very happy.)
With the screening less than two weeks away, I am starting to freak out a bit. Mainly because I haven't had the manpower to promote the way that I wanted to and I don't want to feel like a gigantic arse if no one shows up. (I don't think that will be a problem, but I am still really nervous about it.) I have been tweeting about it like crazy and I am fairly certain that all of my friends on Facebook have deleted me, but things are looking...ummm...decent. This whole, being a good human being and trying to get other people to want to do the same thing...it is really hard. People are really self-centered, yo. I still need food donated, so that is my serious plan for the week.
The agenda goes like this:
Master Plan by Criz
1. Harrass local businesses to provide food and drinks for the screening.
2. Drink wine.
3. Snuggle with Ernge.
4. Harrass friends to invite their friends to the screening.
5. Drink more wine.
6. Breathe into paper bag.
7. As a last-ditch effort, send mass email to everyone I have ever spoken to, heard of, passed on street corners, or just seen briefly in person, harrassing them about coming to the screening and inviting their friends. Preferably ones who will donate food and drinks for the screening.
8. Drink more wine.
Tonight, though, internet? I am going to get kinda dressed up, head out with one of my oldest friends to her favorite restaurant and have a lovely girls-night dinner. And drink wine.
P.S. Come to the screening. There will be food and drinks. God willing.

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