Now that Lindsey is safe and probably grounded for the rest of her natural life, I can rest easy and get back to my...well...natural life...

As you all know, I have been trying to get this Invisible Children event to be a success and that has been taking up most of my internet time. It is coming along surprisingly well, actually (Thanks for asking!). I am still trying to get someone on board to donate food so I don't feel like a giant arse when I have no refreshments to offer, but I have managed to get a lot of local businesses to contribute gift cards and such for the raffle. (My cousin suggested that a raffle might be a fantastic idea because who can resist the opportunity to win free crap!?) Putting something like this together is a lot of work (which Casper has helped a LOT with) and I am just keeping the fingers crossed that people show up. (PLEASE! For the love of CHEESUS, show UP!) I am excited though, and I am really hoping that people realize what an amazing organization this is and how much they need our help!

First, I want to thank some peeps, you know...because pouring one out for my homies is inappropriate in this situation...

1. Casper! Thank you for helping to find somebody to send food and for making the poster that I have shamelessly been sending to the entirety of Northeast Florida! You rock my face off.

2. European Street Cafe, Cinotti's Bakery, Adventure Landing, Boutique Unique, and Wipeouts Grill who have sent gifts and/or donated things so far.

3. Invisible Children!!! Thank you for all you do every day and inspiring so many to get off their couches and make a difference. Thank you for doing this tour and allowing me to be a part of it...(And if no one shows up at the screening, I hope that you realize that I will be leaving with you guys. Oh, the shame!)

4. The Academy. Okay, no. I haven't come this far yet. My bad.

So, there it is, folks! SIXTEEN DAYS and we will be screening "Go"! If you can't be there, then you should threaten anyone you know who could. And I don't mean threaten them with, like, chocolate cake. I mean, like, threaten them with scorpions or, like, nipple clamps.

Also, holy crap, guys, Google is so cute today!

(Okay, seriously, don't do any of that to your friends. But make them come. They won't regret it!)

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Brandy said...

Thanks for your support with the Lindsey business!

Regarding food, have you tried Anton Van B.? He owns a pizza and wings place, and he has the Foundation connection. Just a thought...Good luck with everything. I know it will be a big success.

I'll talk to you soon.