The Big Day Approacheth!

Well, internet. The "big day" is almost here and you know what that means...this is the last time I will beg you to come to the screening. Seriously. After this, I will be heading off to spend the day with the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Fish Head and my sweet and patient boyfriend (who hasn't punched me even though I am constantly spazzing about something screening related).

I have been wildly unsuccessful at getting refreshments for the event. Evidently, if you are going to do something like this, you have to quit your job and ignore your friends and family and focus solely on making people want to give you things. Which is easier said than done, mind you. I haven't given up though. I have been consistently faxing and emailing and begging all week. And I will continue until I get in the car for my day of relaxation with my favorite people.

Regardless, I am excited and I am hopeful and I feel good about all the work that I have put into this. Even if I probably could have done more if time permitted. Thanks to all my peeps who have spread the word around and I hope that you will continue to do so until Sunday! (Go ahead, use the buttons below. Post to twitter, google, facebook, I don't care!) I hope to see you all at the screening. (If I do, YAY! You are the best! If I don't, I hate your face. Just kidding. Sort of.)

Peace and Love!!!

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