Nobody puts Baby in the corner...

The vicious rumor has been confirmed. Patrick Swayze is experimenting with rap music. This frightens me. I am still haunted by “She’s Like the Wind”…(as a matter of fact, the mere mention of his name and the shit is stuck in my head for a decade. And not only that…but I can see, in my head, the scene from “Dirty Dancing” in which it is played.) Damn.

Today and yesterday at work have been insane. The phones are ringing constantly and the foot-high stack of paper in my inbox seems to stay the same size no matter how quickly I work. I am taking a break. Otherwise, someone could get hurt.

I have my fifth visit with my physical terrorist today. The physical terrorist who thinks I am a contortionist. The physical therapist whose presence in my life has made very little difference, if any at all on the amount of pain I am in. And the only good thing about it is that it is at the end of the day and when I am done, I can go home, wrap myself in my blankets and sleep.

At least it is Thursday. And I have big plans for the weekend. And by big, I mean miniscule.

1. Clean my apartment.
2. Watch hour after hour of “21 Jump Street”.
3. Go to American Eagle to exchange pants (or just SEW the buttons on…ick).
4. Go to Old Navy to exchange pants (and find something a little more work friendly…thanks, Mom, but I am not so much sixteen anymore).
5. Go to Best Buy and spend more gift certificates (Thanks, Ricky and Uncle Wog!)
6. Go to Sephora and spend my gift certificate…and I am sure I will go over because that store is heaven on earth. (Thank you, Brandy, you are the best…call a sista, I can never get you!!!)
7. Go to the library.
8. Try and avoid “Pepe LePew” (more on him later…maybe…)
9. Sleep for insane amounts of time.
10. Drink massive amounts of coffee.

That’s my plan. Doesn’t it sound blissful? Man…I can’t wait.

Can someone tell me why my Launch keeps playing some sort of acoustic latino music? (And not the good kind, mind you…the very soft, very boring kind.) It is a mystery to me. But, I can’t complain. Ever since I got these speakers, I have been released from the clutches (why can I not type the word ‘clutches’?) of The Eagles and am on to bigger and better things. Oh, Elvis Costello…
I will be fine as long as they don’t start playing any Rappin’ Swayze.

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