The screening is over! And I didn't have a heart attack!

I will say this to you now, internet. If I ever want to do something like that again, remind me of how difficult this was. Because I swear to Cheesus, this was exhausting.

The turnout was NOT what I had hoped, but the people who came were generous, respectful and, I believe truly moved by the film. Which is just about better than having a huge turnout. I did feel a little defeated at first because I had hoped that more of my friends would have shown up, but I hadn't really expected much to begin with. All in all, it was a super good night though. I left feeling WAY better about things when I got to walk around and talk to everyone about what they thought. Since many of them had never seen any of the films before, I was excited to hear what they all had to say. And it, I believe, was unanimous that it is a fantastic organization and the films are definitely inspiring. I don't think there was one person in the place who walked out without supporting the cause and buying some merchandise. And that made me feel good. Really good. Judging from everything that I saw people walking out with, I would guess that through merch alone, we probably helped raise about 700-800 dollars. (Thanks, guys, you are all amazing!) Also...just saying...I think Casper bought more than anyone in the place...

So, I definitely feel good about what was accomplished. No matter how small the group, because of yesterday, that many more people know about the effects of this war on the children and I am proud of that. I am confident that next time (oh yes, there will be a next time) I do this, many of the people who participated last night will be involved. And that, my friends, is pretty bad ass. (Also, next time, I will come to their homes and drag them out by their hair if I have to. Don't try me.)

To sum it all up. Good night, great people, amazing organization! And you know you are sorry you missed it, internet! It's okay, go here and buy things.

Crazy amounts of thanks to Casper, and the IC crew (Annie, Shane, Monica, Irene, Dan and Elise) who did an amazing job! THANK YOU!!!

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Hespyhesp said...

Thanks for the love, Crittle! Next time... I'm thinking media coverage. And yes, I felt like I was getting one of each! I want more t-shirts, too. And bracelets. Oy. And a trip to Northern Uganda...