Abbrev. and Fishing

Alright. I am seriously ready for the weekend, people. I can't take it anymore. If Spliff adds an "s" to a word that doesn't need an "s" on it (i.e. yums or nopes) one more time, my head is going to explode. And I haven't even touched on the irritating and unneccessary abbreviating today (i.e. ridick = ridiculous, inapprope = inappropriate). It is like she has morphed into a second grade version of Paris Hilton. Vomit.

Thing Two and I (and various other people) have been spending our weekends in St. Augustine at my step-dad's place on the river which has been awesome...but it has this tendency to make the weeks seem ENDLESS and the weekends so effing short. It has been a lot of fun though. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like boozing it up while fishing for your own dinner (that you have no idea how to prepare because not only is it alive but it is slimey)?

What you must know about me is that I will do most anything if I am allowed a glass of wine while I am doing it. Grocery shopping would be much more enjoyable, work would be a lot more fun but wildly inappropriate in my line of work (read: ridick inapprope), Math might even be a little more bearable, you get the point. Anyway, in fishing, drinking is acceptable. And actually required, as it were. What you should know about TT is that he is a very tall, kind of clumsy thing who had never caught a fish before in his life and being the man in this scenario, it should have been understood that (since I would be drunk) he would be doing manly things. Like? Taking fish off of hooks and doing gross things with them later to prepare them for becoming his drunk girlfriend's delicious dinner. This SHOULD have been understood. It seems, however, that none of this had crossed his mind before it became necessary.

(To be continued...)

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