On the Road Again...

Well, internet, I'm super excited to report that Wave #2 of my new project has begun and already has traveled 2,060 miles and arrived this morning in Phoenix, AZ. I did manage to get the attention, right off the bat, of the Invisible Children team (Via Twitter) who really liked the idea and I am excited to see how far we go with it. I sent it to the lovely, charismatic Amanda (circa: last year's 30th birthday trip to New Orleans) knowing that being a fellow do-gooder type and ultimate people person, she would know just who to send it on to. So, I am really optimistic!

I am still working on trying to think of a creative and fun way to bring in a lot of money (and bodies*) for next year's Gulu Walk, as well as trying to just have a really fun fundraiser for IC just...because. I am thinking Pub Crawl...or Scavenger Hunt...or...muggings. Whatever.

I'm excited about all of the possibilities for fundraising and I actually think, despite all the work, that it is a lot of fun...and well worth the effort.

Now go buy some merch.

*Preferably LIVE bodies, thankyouverymuch.

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