When Thing Two and I decided to move in together, we thought we would take our time and try and really work out the details of our situation before we hastily decided on something to rent or buy. We wanted to really get in there and find a place that suited us. One that we could afford and one that would afford us some luxuries that we hadn’t really had living in my tiny studio apartment. We had kind of decided, though, that we would suck it up and stay put until we had found something that we loved/could afford and possibly could actually own.

As it happened, however, the fates didn’t really want us to wait.

The house that I have been living in for the past year is a massive one. It is divided into a one bedroom, a two bedroom and my studio. Recently, (and really since I moved in) there has been a lot of moving about as far as the tenants have been concerned. The people who were living upstairs when I moved in were promptly evicted (and, I suspect, are cooking meth somewhere) and the people who lived downstairs moved up, making room for the weirdo who moved in downstairs with her two kids, no furniture and giant pit bull. She has now moved out leaving the two bedroom vacant. Again.

When my landlord called me on Friday and asked if I thought that Thing Two and I would be interested in moving in, I really didn’t have an answer for him. I told him we would discuss it and that I would get back with him as soon as I could. Of course, as soon as I could, was not soon enough. Sunday morning the phone started ringing before we were even out of bed and before we knew it, we were inside the apartment downstairs discussing paint colors and whose name to put the utilities in. My landlord is pushy. But he definitely gave us a deal on the rent and that’s never bad.

So, we kind of just fell into a new apartment without even having to get out of bed. Easy peasy, internet.

The fun has already begun, too. Walls have already been painted (of course, not all of the ones that need to be) and furniture is being chosen. And Thing Two and I should be bona fide domestic partners in a matter of a few short days.

I have to say, I am pretty excited about having, not just a bedroom that is separated from the rest of the house, but having TWO whole bedrooms. And a kitchen. Oh, internet, I have really loved my studio, but the lack of a full kitchen has been really painful for me. And now…the wait is over. I have ROOMS. Like, several of them! And, of course, I have Thing Two. Who, lets be honest, makes everything better.

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