New Directions (and Pie)

Okay, okay...so I am not really sure that this post is about "new directions" at all. I really just thought of "Glee" when I almost titled this post "New Developments" and decided that I prefer to Gleek out. Although, now that I think about it, maybe it is about new directions. Either way, that's the name of the post, internet. Get over it. Gosh.
So, I made it through Rack's birthday and successfully avoided spending the day with Spliffany and instead, had him, Tony and Thing Two over for dinner. Dinner really wasn't anything special, but I would like to point out to you, internet, how wonderful a friend I am. I woke up Thursday morning and proceded to make a cherry pie. This was not just ANY cherry pie, though. This was my first EVER pie of any variety. Like...EVER. The problem, of course, that after making the crust myself, I didn't like the way said pie looked. So, naturally, being the crazy person that pie-baking evidently turns me into, I went to the store and bought stuff to make a second cherry pie. (And then stuff to make a blueberry pie for Thing Two. Why? I have no idea. Did I make a blueberry pie? Heck no.) So, by the time Rack arrived at my house to exchange gifts and eat dinner, he was hammered and I was exhausted. But there was an abundance of pie. And that can't be a bad thing....I mean, if you like pie. (Which I do not. But I did like the Warrant accompaniment that came with the acts of pie eating, so it all worked out.)
Christmas was a lot of the same. Running around like maniacs trying to make sure that we saw everyone and ate everything and drank lots of mimosas and tasted too many birthday cakes. But as I suspected, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I managed to get a lot of time to just sit back and enjoy my day (and the presents...oh, the presents were glorious!) and even got to spend a few hours at the local dive bar and have entirely too many drinks in such a short period of time. But it was all in good fun...and no one puked.
New Year's Eve involved a bunch of my family and a lot of vodka. And, internet, if you are familiar with any one member of my family, then you know it wouldn't be  a proper party unless someone was falling down.  In this case, I would say about half of the people there were falling down. And there was moonshine. So there ya go. Happy drunken New Year.
So, that's really it for the holiday update 2010 but there is other news, internet. Of course there is.
Other news:
1. I have decided, for the 858th time, that I am going to quit smoking. I started the Chantix today (as did Thing Two) and hopefully will be smoke-free (and with a lot more money) within the next week or so...Keep your fingers crossed, internet. This should be interesting.
2. I am rewatching the entire series of LOST (Thanks to my new Wii and Netflix streaming...hooray!) because Thing Two never watched it. Ever. (I don't know how this happens to people! How can you not have watched LOST?! Seriously!)
3. Thing Two and I have decided to move in together. Yes, I know I have really enjoyed living alone. And yes, I am aware that I haven't lived with anyone (other than Spliff) in a really long time. And of COURSE I am aware that this is a big step and we haven't been together for that long. What do you take me for, internet? An idiot? The thing is, I know what I want. And for the first time since Jer, I really mean it. (This is not to say that I didn't love my previous boyfriends, I did...well...all except for that one that I tried to convince myself I loved so that I wasn't totally bored all the time. I think we all know which one I am talking about here...cough, cough, TK, cough...Duh.)
So, we are currently starting to look at places and are actually considering...gasp...BUYING. Yes, that's right, ya'll. I am getting old and ready to settle down. (I don't really know what that phrase MEANS...but if it means, like, own a home and make lots of noise and not disturb neighbors, then I am IN.) I am a grown up. Shut it.
Sidenote: I just realized that this post IS about new directions.

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