Zen and The Art of Not Kicking People's Teeth In

So, I am a pretty laid back person. In fact, I might sometimes even be too laid back. And that’s okay, I think. I don’t bother anyone and I can’t be bothered most of the time. But I don’t like to be disrespected. I mean, say a stranger is all up in my space in the grocery store, right? They are definitely disrespecting the space-bubble rule, but they are doing nothing that warrants a kick in the teeth. However, say I live with someone for 8 years and leave some very valuable items boxed up in a closet (with permission, of course) for safe keeping and due to lack of space in my place when I move out. And let’s say that these valuable items are collectible and irreplaceable and maybe that I have been collecting them for oh…say…15 years. And then, just for fun, lets say that the someone who I lived with “absent-mindedly” threw out every single one of those valuable items along with about 300 more items, knowing full well what the boxes contained because he/she was the one who packed them.

Now this situation is sticky, internet, and might actually be teeth-kick worthy. But stickier still because the angel on my one shoulder (who I believe goes by the name of Thing Two) says, “There is nothing you can do, you have to accept that she is not a good person and that she will get what is coming to her. Besides…you are SO much better than her.” But the devil on my other shoulder (who looks and sounds oddly like Quentin Tarantino) is saying, “If you leave work right now, you can get to her house in enough time to set it sufficiently on fire before she even knows you’re gone.” 

Both valid points.

I have to say though, I think that this act of disrespect is one that is definitely worthy of kicking someone’s teeth in. But, I will resist you, Quentin Tarantino Satan. I will remain Zen in this situation and moment of great fury and I will not set fire to anyone’s home. (Unless, you know, it just happened to become infested with some sort of vermin that could not be destroyed with anything with the exception of fire. Then I would just be helping.)

And just so you know, internet, if you do something like this to someone, you cannot make up for it with a 20oz Diet Coke. Even if the person REALLY likes Diet Coke.  Just saying.

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