Day Five: A Song that Reminds You of Someone

I am little behind, internet, due to a crazy busy weekend wherein I did not even turn on my computer. Except when, at the direction of Spliff (and a week of constant nagging), I watched a Youtube video called “Guilty Dog”. Which was sort of a waste of the few minutes that it took. But I digress….

So, the thing about music for me (and I am sure it is similar for all of you as well) is that almost EVERY song reminds me of something, whether it be an event or a person or whatever, so these next couple of posts shouldn’t be too hard for me.

Forgive me for getting all country on your asses though, because I can’t help it. These are the rules and these are my songs…

So, for Day 5, I picked, “She Don’t Tell Me To” by Montgomery Gentry. Now, I am not a fan of Montgomery Gentry (nor would I know another of their songs if it jumped up and bit me on the arse), but this song reminds me of ZH.  He played it for me when he picked me up from the airport when I flew into Seattle and I, at first, thought he had lost his mind for making me listen to such ridiculousness. But then, over the course of the couple of weeks I was there, I started to love it. And it has nothing to do with the song. But it has everything to do with ZH being adorable and sensitive and awesome. I get a little sentimental, internet, I can’t lie.

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