It has been a pretty good day today. Got my Starbucks (FINALLY) this morning. Having a yummy spinach calzone for lunch (Mmmm…), and currently the entire office is making fun of me because I logged out of the phone to tell the volunteers out front that we had ordered lunch and to please call when it got here, and when I came back, I sat down, out this stupid head-set on, and started typing an email to Casper…Without logging back into the phone, of course. Which was brilliant of me. So, I am sitting here for a good five minutes, just typing and all the while, poor Bec (unknown to ME) is taking double calls. OOPS! I didn’t realize it until she finally said, “Are you even IN the phones?!” and then Boy chimed in with, “That’s it, you’re fired!” from inside his office. Pay attention people, no one ever said I was very bright, okay? Geez!

I went to the Transplant area and met the people that I will be working with tomorrow. They all seem pretty nice. And, lucky for me, I will be sitting with only one other secretary and won’t have to deal too much with having to be super social on top of being super nervous. (Which, by the way, has not happened yet, but I anticipate soon). However, I did learn that the woman who will be training me is the mother of the infamous “crazy girl from LIP”. Those of you who don’t know about said crazy girl, she was the one that kept flagging people down one night when she recognized me and telling them “I like boys, okay? But seriously, I had the biggest crush on Crystal in high school! She’s so hot!” Way to freak someone out. Someone should have explained the concept of subtlety. Really, it’s a beautiful thing…

Unfortunately, I do remember her from school. I remember my delinquent friends and I used to loathe the sound of her voice. Now she has squeezed herself into my work life, and my social life. I can only hope that she did not inherit her ability to irritate from her mother. Otherwise, it might be a repeat of Honors Algebra II all over again and I don’t know that I am strong enough to contain myself this time around.

As much as I hate (love) to do it, I must go…My spinach calzone waits patiently. And…my stomach really can’t wait any more at all. It might implode…doubtful…but you know…HEY! It could happen!

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ah!!! I miss you I can't stand this no email thing! I wanna be a bitches! =)