Today my supervisor finally acknowledged my five-year anniversary at my job. She brought me some carnations and stood by my desk for five minutes talking, but never looking directly at me. Do you ever feel like you work in the office from “Office Space”?
I’m just lucky that I am all over the place and it isn’t the same monotony every day. Just a varied collection of monotonous places to work.

Casper told me today that I need to go out more. I am becoming a homebody. I rather think that she expected me to be the party girl that everyone seems to think I am. Which is funny. I have a lot of partying under my belt and parties aren’t going anywhere. And when I feel compelled to join the land of body shots and keg stands, I will do so. But for right now, I am going to bed early and writing what is in my head. And I am okay with that, I just wish other people could understand it. I am not going to kill myself, people, I am not going insane, and I am not on drugs. None that aren’t prescribed, anyway, I am just tired.

I’ve just realized that, despite my obsession with it, this 1990s R & B station isn’t so good. It turns out, I am hitting “Next” most of the time to find songs that I haven’t heard since I was rollerskating around “Skate ‘n’ Space” with my "Velco Sisters" (Get it, Tiff? Cause we stick together? And velcro sticks?). And, to be honest, those aren’t even the best songs. It comes as a shock, I know. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "No Diggity"- Blackstreet

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