I got a bulletin on myspace today that prompted a little ridiculous remembering. It is a great thing to do every once in a while…so I will do it here…

Some things that I miss:

1. The way that Tory used to pretend that she didn’t have any feet when she was standing in a door frame.
2. Skipping school and going to Five Points…Every time I pass that Wendy’s, I remember how I only (ever) ate french fries dipped in frosties.
3. Underage drinking. (Man…where does the time go?)
4. “The Happy Beach” (Otherwise known as Guana Park) and skinny dipping and then getting glowing beads that stuck to your skin all over you.
5. Watching Ben draw all over my arms and legs with marker.
6. Lisa’s punk rock pantelones.
7. Sleeping in class.
8. Rack saying, “Why you so damn stoooopid?”
9. jnco’s.
10. Smoking pot with Jeremy under the stage in the auditorium.
11. Me, LBG, and Tosh stealing cigarettes from the Lil’ Champ.
12. Me, LBG and Tosh stealing anything from anywhere.
13. Laughing at Folder Boy.
14. Having a shit job like O-Tree.
15. Buy one get one free day at Blockbuster Music.

Some Memories for those of you who were around back then:

1. Princess Carmen used to try and buy my dad’s Grateful Dead shirt from me, using acid as currency.
2. (This one was the best from the myspace thingy) Me and LLCJ drinking a bottle of something ridiculous like Arbor Mist at the Happy Beach and falling into her house in the middle of the night, trying not to wake her parents but make it to the bathroom without peeing in the hallway. And then thinking that she may have ACTUALLY peed in the hallway, and me falling INTO the bathroom.
3. The Pep Rally/Bomb Threat of 1996.
4. Sonic Youth.
5. When I was obsessed with J.A. and M.B.
6. Walking down the boardwalk with a bottle of juice mixed with vodka with J.B., Matt, Magic Mike, Jer, and Epernerperhart and MM got on his knees on his board and rolled down the sidewalk chanting, “I have no legs, I have no legs…”
7. Trips to Orlando to see Spliff (before she was Spliff).
8. The picture in front of Betsey’s.
9. Rocky singing “Allison Road” on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale.
10. Trying on prom dresses and then running around and falling down in them.
11. Tory chasing me with her mom’s vibrator.
12. The Duck Call.
13. Black lights and Mono. (Not the illness, the group.)
14. Using pain killers for fun and not injuries.
15. Tory’s sixteenth birthday party.

Feel free to add. I am feeling nostalgic. It is lovely and drug induced. (Hooray for the dead guy who left me with whiplash! Umm…well…sort of.)

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Tricky Kid" - Tricky

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

i'm not sure i can remember that much from the last ten years. i do remember getting really stoned and giggling all the way through american history x, it wasn't a comedy but neither am i, and that was in the last five. has anyone seen my memory?