Sex...In the form of music

Sunday, during the three-hour laundry/guilt session at my mom’s, I somehow convinced her, in the midst of the deciding of the fate of Fiona, to let me borrow her van to go to Orlando. Because, I already had the tickets, they were a gift, I have had a tough couple of weeks, I don’t have the money to rent a car…(and so on). I am not a fan of the minivan, but I AM a fan of sexy men who play the piano and sing like angels. So sue me.

I left yesterday morning, fifty bucks in my wallet, a full tank of gas, and the anticipation of a show that I would not soon forget.

I got to Orlando around two, to be greeted by Spliff who has the worst concert anxiety of anyone I have ever met. Will we get to be in the front? Will the car break down? Will we get there on time? (You know, that sort of thing.)

“Hey! I am sweating like crazy!”

I was too. It might have been sympathy-anxiety but I noticed after talking to her on the phone fifteen minutes earlier, that I had been gripping the steering wheel for dear life and also sweating like a pig despite the artic air conditioning.

Anyway, I ended up having to buy what I affectionately refer to as “Stupid House of Blues Shirt #77” in order to “pass the line” as they say and was not thrilled when I realized that, not only was this shirt one of 77, I could not return it. “No refunds – Exchanges only”. SUCH CRAP. But then, THEY now have 27 more bucks. And I…well…don’t.

The show was simply…Delicious. Weak knees. The pitter-patter of the hearts of young girls and older ones alike. A beautiful man who sings like an angel and plays the piano as passionately as he would make love (I can only say, if you are a guy and have seen Tori Amos play, then you understand). And those eyes. Definitely the eyes of someone who has learned how to use them for evil. But the best KIND of evil. The kind that makes the front row swoon. (Me, Spliff, and the chick who get grabbing my arm = SWOON.)

“Wow. Television adds some weight. I didn’t realize he was so small. Girl, I would throw him all OVER the room!” Grabbing Arm Girl says to me with contagious giddiness, as he stands only a few feet away.

What a beautiful man.

Oh...and the music was really good too.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: “Ordinary People” – John Legend


wmjwatson said...

So did your panties stick to the piano when you threw them at him or what?

spliffany said...

okay, i am now officially cheesing and there are real tears of love in my eyes afer recalling monday nights bliss through this post. shit ain't right yo. i am spoiled now. his beautifulness shared space with my sorry ass and now no boy stands a chance.