100 Things...(Finally)

So…since everyone else on the planet has already done this. And since today is going to be super slow at work, I have decided to FINALLY do a “100 Things” list. I know, I know…they are kind of silly…but I love to read them. So…now I will attempt to write one…Ack.

Here goes:

1. I have started to write this list 5 times in the past.
2. I work at a hospital.
3. I have found that there are very few physicians who have decent personalities.
4. My first job involved hot dogs.
5. I cannot go to the beach without SPF 45 sunscreen on my face.
5. I hate my freckles. (and without the sunscreen I would turn into one giant one.)
6. I am a natural blonde.
7. I have only dyed my hair twice (other than different shades of blonde).
8. Once burgundy (read: fuchsia) and once brown.
9. The fuchsia hair situation happened in ninth grade and I still have one friend who calls me “Red”.
10. And I still call her “L7”.
11. I’m a smoker.
12. Even though I know I should quit, I don’t want to. I like smoking.
13. I smoked a cigarette, got drunk, tried acid, and smoked pot for the first time in that order and all at age 14.
14. Some of my best memories are of people that I may never speak to again. And that’s okay with me.
15. I have lost two friends to drug overdoses.
16. Each one of those people taught me something important about myself and about people in general.
17. I, more often than not, have a problem with authority.
18. I used to sing in the shower but I realized that I haven’t in a long time.
19. I do, however, sing very loudly while driving.
20. My favorite t-shirt ever was a Sonic Youth shirt from “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”.
21. I have been in my current position for a year and people still think that I am sweet and innocent and are surprised when I crack a sarcastic joke. This is the longest I have ever kept people guessing. I kind of like it.
22. Someone in my office did once call me “The Quiet Storm”. I’m not sure what she meant by it considering that no one here has ever seen the storm.
23. I don’t like wearing bras or shoes (not of the flip flop variety).
24. I wear patchouli on a regular basis. My best friend says I smell like dirt.
25. When I’m not, I’m either wearing Dolce & Gabbana (Light Blue) or GAP (Fresh Cut Grass).
26. My cat very much resembles Garfield. But, to my knowledge, he does not like lasagna.
27. The only Christmas music I like is: The “RENT” soundtrack (not really a Christmas album), and all things Bing Crosby.
28. I have visited only 14 other states and one other country.
29. That’s not enough for me. My dad calls this attitude “the wonderlust”.
30. I’m not sure that I ever want to have children.
31. The last time I saw a significant amount of snow was on my 18th birthday. And I wouldn’t mind if I never saw it again.
32. I could watch “When Harry Met Sally” every day of my life and never get sick of it.
33. For the last week, the only CDs I have played in my car have been by Built to Spill.
34. I have seen Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, and Mofro in concert at least 6 times each.
35. I have dated three guys named Jason.
36. The last time my best friend and I went out, a guy came up and said, “Hi. I’m Jason.” And I said, “Of COURSE you are.” And walked away.
37. I have never been friends with someone who had the same first name as me.
38. I have known most of my friends for upwards of ten years.
39. I typically get along better with men than with women.
40. Brandy says I’m the gayest man she knows.
41. No matter where I am, I have to have music playing.
42. I can’t stand riding in other people’s cars if they don’t have the radio on.
43. I rarely cry in real life situations, but I lose it during movies and sometimes even songs.
44. I have a weakness for people who make me laugh.
45. And guys with dreadlocks and accents.
46. I am a very private person and it tends to offend people.
47. There are only a handful of people who really know me. All of whom, read this blog.
48. My first celebrity crush was Michael Jackson. Age 5.
49. I am fairly certain that I will never “act my age”.
50. My biggest pet peeve is stupidity.
51. Second being incorrect spelling.
52. The good news is that I am harder on myself than on anyone else.
53. I once got out of the shower and said to Spliff, “I have two things to say. One: That was the best shower ever. Two: Why do I have an entire sentence written on my stomach?”
54. I will dance if I am out, but only after a few drinks.
55. I prefer reggae music for dancing over any other type.
56. I have a phobia of spiders.
57. I don’t like it when people touch my feet and I will not voluntarily touch anyone else’s.
58. Except once when Spliff had a splinter and I sat on the floor in the middle of the kitchen for an hour with a bottle of wine and a pair of tweezers and tried to get it out. (That, my friends, is LOVE.)
59. I have only owned two cars. Both Volvos.
60. Their names: Fiona and Lucy.
61. I get chills when Ani Difranco sings “Everest”.
62. There are several people that I owe apologies to, but I don’t have the balls to actually make them.
63. I had an uncle who was schizophrenic.
64. I used to worry that I might have it too.
65. Then I stopped doing drugs. Now I know I am just neurotic as hell.
66. I absolutely loathe Corey Feldman.
67. I hit Snooze for an hour every morning.
68. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Sean Connery is so gorgeous.
69. I graduated from high school in 1998.
70. On time, much to everyone’s surprise (including my own).
71. My first kiss was with my cousin’s ex-boyfriend.
72. They broke up two days before it happened. My cousin was in the next room.
73. I am very protective of my sister.
74. I tend to keep her at a safe distance so that I don’t kill her friends that I don’t like or people that hurt her.
75. I still have a hard time letting her grow up.
76. I used to get offended when people called me a bitch.
77. Now, I’ve just decided not to let them down.
78.It irritates me when people won’t stand up for themselves.
79. I have friends who are like that. And I am typically harder on them than the ones I know can take care of themselves.
80. I think our president is the biggest dillhole ON. THE. PLANET.
81. And I think gay people have WAY more of a right to get married than straight people. Because they won’t take the right for granted.
82. I have had my belly button pierced for ten years.
83. I can’t fall asleep without the television or the radio on.
84. I will answer to any of the following: Crizzle, Criz, Crittle, Crotchel, Cry-ra-tol, Chris, Glass, and on the rare occasion, I will answer to my ACTUAL name.
85. In fifth grade, I had a crush on a boy who called me “Medusa” because he said my eyes could turn him to stone.
86. I hate tomatoes and watermelon.
87. I have been in two major car accidents.
88. One involved a building.
89. The other involved a dead guy.
90. I was raised Lutheran, but find that although I don’t know what I believe, I know that I don’t believe in organized religion.
91. I have three tattoos.
92. Out of all of my possessions, my music collection is my most prized.
93. I have an inexplicable crush on Vincent D’Onofrio.
94. My grandmother was my favorite person. I believe she was a saint.
95. She died on my 23rd birthday.
96. Which is also Christmas Day.
97. “Annabel Lee” is my favorite poem.
98. I don’t think that I will ever be able to live further from the ocean than I do right now.
99. I have been told that I am strong. I don't always believe it.
100. My life is just beginning.


themachineghost said...

I love #100.

OK I will do 100 list later on my blog too. And I will model some of my shit on your shit. I'm a copy catter.

love you

soopadoopachaloopa said...

you have the best onehundred... i think when i do a hundred list i will put i read crizzle's 100 like five times before i started mine. 1. i can look just like buddy holly.
shut up it's a start.

spliffany said...

thanks for giving me an excuse to NOT do my job. i made one too!