For the Love of Bacon!

Well, since executing Project-Never-Eat-Again, I haven’t done so well…

But the good news…or semi good news, is that I have managed to lose two pounds. The bad news is, I still feel like a cow and Wedding Number 879 is just around the corner.

I tried to go back to being a vegetarian and lasted 5 days, fell off the wagon, got back on, lasted 5 days, fell off, got back on…well…I think you see the pattern. For the love of bacon, I can just NOT BE A VEGETARIAN anymore! Also turkey. I think I might be addicted to tryptophan.

So, I have given myself some rules.

1. I can only have bacon once a week. I have been doing pretty well with this even under the stress and crankiness of PMS.
2. Water, water, water. I’m doing this pretty well too. But I didn’t really have to change much, I now just buy 2 massive bottles in the cafeteria every morning instead of 1.
3. Starbucks only once a week. This one. This one is going to take discipline. I pretty much want a Venti nonfat Vanilla Latte about…oh, I dunno…every minute of every day…(They SO put crack in their coffee, the bastards.)
4. Walk on my lunch break. Okay, so…I live in Florida. And I don’t know if you know this, but it is about 750 degrees this time of year and I am reminded every time I set foot outside that this walking thing…will not happen. So…umm…yoga. I choose yoga.
5. Get eight hours of sleep. This is as much for my emotional well-being as for the physical part of it. I don’t get enough sleep. I run myself ragged at work and then, exhausted or not, I stay up really late doing dumb stuff like fighting with my CD collection. So…I’m stopping that.

Typically, my eating habits are pretty good so I don’t worry too much about that. But I do worry about stress being a factor in my health, my mood, my energy level and my ability to NOT FEEL LIKE A HOG…so…I am going to work on it from that angle. Wish me luck on the Starbucks thing though, man…I’ll need it.


wmjwatson said...

Um, I notice you don't mention anything about your drinking... how come? Or was that in a previous bloggy thing?
And wlaking is a GREAT way to lose weight... ESPECIALLY at this time of year. I dropped forty pounds last summmer simply by drinking les alcohol, drinking more water, eating a little less fatty meat and walking walking walking.

shirley said...

Droool, is it bad that your list of no-no's just made me hungry? For like, everything you listed? Urg!