Where the Players Play...Part I

The Weekend Update

To celebrate JGJ’s 26th birthday, we headed out Friday to Hotlanta…where the players play.

We had decided to rent a car because:

1. We weren’t sure that taking Etta would be the best idea.
2. I was, under no circumstances, going to ride in Etta for 6 hours with no air conditioning. I am a lady. I do not sweat. (Unless, of course, I am going to a concert with Spliff and her anxiety causes me to spaz out too.)
3. I didn’t really want to put the miles on Lucy. Because I baby her. And because I didn’t have time to get Willy to check her out before the trip. And because I am a little neurotic and pretty much had convinced myself that we would end up stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (Just so you all know, about 75% of the ride from here to Atlanta falls into the category of the middle of nowhere. And most likely, if there is a gas station there, you will find a bunch of drunk rednecks hanging out in the parking lot. I did not know this. Getterdone.)

We didn’t rent a car because:

1. Evidently, you have to sell your soul and/or your first born to the car rental people in order to be able to drive one of their shitty cars. It isn’t enough that you give them all of your money, your light bills, and your paycheck stub. Oh no. They need everything.
2. I am impatient.
3. And unwilling to sell my soul (or JGJ’s) for a shittier car than I already have. (Screw you, rental car people, you won’t get me! HA!)

We got on the road really late because:

1. Clearly, we cannot do things in a timely manner.
2. We had to go to the rental car place twice.
3. I decided that, instead of packing the night before, I would rather go and drink beer with Yoda and let JGJ beat me at every damn megatouch game we played. (Grrrr…Rematch.)

We ended up just taking Lucy. Which turned out fine. (Until halfway through our trip HOME, when I thought she was going to blow up. But we won’t talk about that.)

We ended up getting into town at about 8:30 on Friday night and heading out to see JGJ’s Spliff equivalent and my good friend L7 from high school. But Saturday was the big day. The JGJ’s 26th Birthday.

Breakfast = Burgers (turkey for me), beer, and shooters at the Vortex in Little Five.

We had decided, the night before, that L7, JGJ and I would go to the Bodies Exhibition on Saturday since JGJ had seen it in LA and spoke so highly of it. So I was able to walk around Little Five for just long enough to find several goofy air fresheners and about 700 articles of clothing that I “need” but can’t afford.

We met L7 at the exhibit at three and spent two hours looking at…bodies. Being that I have taken so many anatomy classes and have worked in a hospital for six years, it was possibly the most fascinating thing I have ever seen. (And, I HELD INTERNAL ORGANS!) I do wonder though, where this guy came up with the idea. It seems like the process is painstaking and complicated and that one would have to be seriously dedicated in order to put so much into it. I want to know that guy. I want to pick his brain. (And hope that he doesn’t pick mine…heh…that was lame.)

Either way, it was rad. Completely fascinating. And not gross. Not gross at all. But I am a LITTLE (read: super) disappointed that I didn’t get to see the pregnant lady all filleted. Okay, maybe filleted is the wrong word. But…it works in this situation and I don’t care. I wanted to see the damn pregnant lady. I can’t say enough about this exhibit. Go see it. Now.

After we were done there, L7 took off to get ready for the RYAN ADAMS concert (that I didn’t know about until THURSDAY when it was ALREADY SOLD OUT) and JGJ and I had to head to his birthday dinner anyway. With the parents and the brother and sister and the spouses and spawn of everyone. Normally, in a situation like this, I might excuse myself from the table and try to escape through the bathroom window. But this time, seeing as we were sitting outside, and really all I would have had to do is walk about 7 steps to my car and everyone would SEE me, I decided to stay. And not because I didn’t predict a clean getaway. More just because I wasn’t feeling the urge to beg strangers for Xanax. And, THAT is an accomplishment.

But there was beer involved…so…

JGJ’s family is quirky and funny and easy to be around. And really, there were too many people for there to be any weird silences and that’s really what freaks me out about being surrounded by people I don’t know. Silence. Ick. But nope, it was just like the birthday dinners/gatherings in my family. Loud and energetic with no shortage of beer. Good times.

Okay…so this is way too long…so…

To be continued…


Pookie.... said...

To be continued?!?!?!? I need more!

soopadoopachaloopa said...

that was the most ass kickinest weekend i have ever had the good fortune to spend with such an amazing woman. thanks criz for rollin with, and being such a kick ass road warrior.

themachineghost said...
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themachineghost said...

I just accidentally deleted my comment, dammit.

What I said was that I was glad you had a good time.
And I'm glad you had a good birthday JGJ because birthdays are important.
And then I mentioned road trips with Criz and ducks and Sting and the Police.

wmjwatson said...

AWwwwwwww.... seee? MAWBM!!!
And not, you dont have to post this... dont matter. I just find it funny.