Where the Players Play...Part II

So…I am a slacker and it is taking me forever to post the second part…

On Sunday, I had agreed to meet L7 for “Dunch” at The Earl, which is a cool little bar in East Atlanta that refuses to call their version of the meal “brunch”. JGJ dropped me off at L7’s apartment so that he could take my car to meet up with some friends. I got out of the car, waved to JGJ, and saw L7 pulling something out of her bag. An envelope.

“I have something for you.”

“What the…”

She handed me an old envelope with the words, “Crystal you suck” being the only ones visible. Then I realized she had gotten me the autograph of “The Ryan”. So…naturally…the rest of the conversation consisted of me flailing around and screaming for about five minutes in the middle of her parking lot, scaring a lady who was quietly minding her own business and walking her dog…but really, I was hardly aware of her, she could have been walking a giraffe. No, “The Ryan” did not write “Crystal you suck”, that was his bassist. HE wrote that he loves me and wants to marry me and have 10,000 of my babies…No. That’s not right either. He wrote something about riding sunshine. But…it means the same thing.

Anyway, so I spent Sunday blissfully drinking beer, talking to an old friend, and daydreaming about “The Ryan”. And…well…then a whole lot of riding in the car and thinking that it was going to explode.

There was no ‘sploding.

Some weekend highlights:

1. While walking through the Bodies exhibit, I was standing in front of a mother with her two children while examining a body holding a basketball. The skin was cut away to show the tendons in the arms, chest and legs. One of the children was about 5, a little girl, and after studying the body for quite a while, she very seriously, looks up and says, “Mommy, is that a real basketball?”
2. I learned that JGJ’s brother is more talented with a yo-yo than any could have imagined. He can actually blacken his own eye with little to no effort.
3. Ryan Adams is very concerned about my well-being and thinks that JGJ hits me because I was unable to come to the concert.
4. There is such a thing as a Trucker’s Chapel and it looks just like a trailer from my high school. Only it resides next to a huge dumpster.
5. I may have finally convinced L7 that calling someone a “dirty bastard” does not typically make them want to be nice to you.
6. In Georgia, you can’t buy alcohol after 11:45 on a Saturday night. That is BAD. (I may have known this already but forgotten because I was drunk when I learned it.)
7. There are hills out there in the world. (I know, it came as a shock to me as well.)
8. The thing to do on Sunday night is get drunk in gas station parking lots.
9. I do not have a hole in my gas tank, JGJ just wanted to see me cry.
10. I got free tickets to see The Walkmen, just for getting free cigarettes from the Camel guy.

That’s all I got folks, but if you are in the Hotlanta area and want some tickets to see The Walkmen on 8/15…I’m your man…er…you know what I mean.


soopadoopachaloopa said...

i do not want to see you cry, for your car or any other reason. and sorry kids i don't hit the criz... and ryan if your out there, dude come to florida.

Pookie.... said...

ride the sunshine does NOT mean that, and you can't make me think it does!

Andrew said...

I love how your mind transforms whatever he wrote into "he loves me and wants to marry me." It's great. Just create whatever reality we want and we can all be happy! :o)

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