Fair is FAIR!

I haven’t really been doing too much for the last week (which you may have noticed from the lack of blogging I have been doing) but I did manage to go and get my fix of guys with plaid drum sets and Mohawks. Pookie’s boyfriend, (who just rocks my face off) is in a punk band.

I haven’t been to a punk show since about…1996…and I have to say, it wasn’t a whole lot different than I remember. Smoky room, smell of stale beer, plaid things and suspenders, some blood, and I even met a guy from Gainesville who wears a cup and knee pads to shows. I do feel though, that I just don’t quite fit. I mean, obviously, I don’t fit. And I am okay with that, because even though Pookie knows all the words to all of the songs that the band plays, she sticks out just as bad as I do. No one cares, but its fun to watch. She even pushed a guy into a pole while he was skanking around and she then gasped, covered her mouth with one hand, and then tapped him on the shoulder to apologize with the other. Then I made fun of her for the rest of the night.

All in all I had a lot of fun. Outside of the fact that everyone acted like I was going to cry if I saw people pushing each other around. That kind of bothered me. It kind of made me want to pull a Billie Jean movie sketch and walk into the bathroom with long blonde, flowing locks and come out dressed in a ripped up wetsuit with a punk rock hairdo. Naturally, I didn’t. But only because I left my ripped up wetsuit at home.

The whole thing just made me giggle. I guess I just don’t look like the type who used to pile into a car with 5 sweaty guys to go to a smelly, soggy club and get pushed around. And I guess I’m really not anymore. If those bitches that I used to hang out with tried to get into my car smelling like that…well…I’d get one of my punk friends to kick their asses.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Big Gay Heart" - Lemonheads

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Pookie.... said...

Big Gay Heart, in the dark my big gary heart, big gay heart, please don't break my big gay heart.. yummy why do I love him soo... and yeah we stick out, but that is why we are so hot, and get stared at all night, which might be a bad thing. But ego boosting none-the-less