I'll take "Things That Blow" for $500, Alex...

It is Groundhog Day. I can’t believe it.

Mostly because I just realized today that I haven’t yet renewed my tag and my birthday was in December. Not only did I not renew it, but today was the first time that it even occurred to me. (If you’ve ever wondered why I call myself “spaceface”, wonder no more.) This might have something (a lot) to do with the fact that I haven’t changed the address on my driver’s license in the last four years. That’s pretty illegal, right? Not changing your address? Eh…whatever. I took care of that. (I love you, internet.)

Now, provided I don’t get pulled over (knock on wood) on the way to renew my tag this afternoon, I will be fully legal! I don’t even remember what that feels like. I’m not entirely certain that it has ever happened before.

This adulthood thing? Blows.

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