I have to be on the World Series of Pop Culture next year. If there is ONE way that my knowledge of completely useless crap will help me, it will be this.

I watched the whole thing...and I know that with Spliff and D on my team, we would kick some pop culture ASS. And I hate the "Twisted Misters"...It pisses me off that a bunch of nine-year-olds have 250K and I don't. Because, honestly, I know more about Molly Ringwald than anyone needs to. Seriously. It's sad, ya'll.

I have to find out how to get onto that show next year. I have to beat the shit out of people who don't know...the names of all the Madonna albums. Seriously? You qualified? REALLY? I will cut you.

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Mia said...

I so want to be on this show! I would kick some serious useless trivia heinie. Sadly, I don't think anyone I know even comes close to knowing the amount of nothing I know.

I do know the names of all the Madonna albums, AND I know the name of the group she was in as the drummer when she first started out. Oh yes I do.

I really wanted to "booya" after I said that. I need more coffee.