Too much TV

Well, the only thing that I accomplished this weekend was getting a cold. I don't know where it came from and I don't know why it had to show its face on Saturday...but alas, Spliff and I have spent the majority of the weekend, either trying to pretend that we aren't sick and sitting on the couch watching television, or me watching Top Chef in my room and her watching Girls Next Door in hers. Sometimes, we meet in the hallway to discuss someone's horrible nose-job or ridiculous outfit, but for the most part, we have been miserable. Separately.

Currently, I am trying to decide what sort of medication I should take. Cough syrup? Nighttime cough syrup (so I don't miss "Rock of Love" and Scott Baio), regular PM, muscle relaxants (so I stay awake but have no idea that I am actually awake), or pot (because even people who don't smoke pot can benefit from its numbing effects)?

This is the first runny-nose experience I have had since I got mine pierced. Holy crap, it sucks. No, it doesn't just suck...it BLOWS. (A little pun intended...) I can't blow my nose without risking my stud flying out and being lost and I can't NOT blow my nose because...well...it is full of stuff! I know that this is a sort of gross thing to blog about, but seriously, you guys...it is horrible.

Anyway, that's really all I got...being sick sucks. I quit.

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Mia said...

Feel better soon!

When I had my nose done like 8 years ago, I used to stick a tiny piece of eraser on the back of it when I was sick, so I could blow my nose and not shoot somebodies eye out with my stud.

Heh....it makes me giggle that I just typed "shoot somebodies eye out with my stud" I should write for smut flicks.