Last Night

I've managed to spend the entire week in my apartment trying to recover from the cold that will not die. I still have it, but last night, I needed a dirty martini...or seven.

JM and I like to visit the hot bartenders at least once a week, but we have been slacking lately. We managed to drag Nik out and introduce her to the hotness that resides just down the street from my apartment and then liquor her up.

Some background on Nik:
  • She is significantly older than we are, but she looks just about our age and acts a few years younger.
  • The three of us combined are a rainbow of fruit flavor.
  • She works with JM in the office of death (a.k.a. The Place I Used to Work).
  • She is louder and crazier than anyone I have ever met.
  • She is a P-I-M-P.
After the martinis, there were many beers, free shots from a guy named Rick who was weird and seemed to be everywhere we went, some live music, a Japanese guy who wants to buy me hot dogs and things, breakfast at 2 am, and a nap in the car for Nik. The night was good.

I did, however, wake up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus, but it is a small price to pay for a night listening to Nik explain the YMCA to strangers and getting the band to play "I am the Walrus". And there is no substitute for the feeling you get when you can identify "Ziggy Stardust" in the first two notes and then have the guitarist say, "Damn! That girl's good!"
You're damn right I am...I am going to be on the World Series of Pop Culture, bitches!

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