Angry Music

Janet has asked her readers to tell her about the music that makes us angry. I can't really pinpoint a song in particular that makes me angry...I can, however, tell you that when I am ALREADY feeling a little pissed off, I like to listen to Ministry. Or Nine Inch Nails. Or Tool. Usually, I use this music to maintain my anger, but it doesn't typically create it.


I. Hate. Fergie.

She has no talent, she looks like a man, and seriously every time I see or hear her, I want to kill someone. Preferably her, but to be on the safe side, you should steer clear of me if there is any danger of Fergie encounter. HER music DOES make me angry. Because she shouldn't be allowed to MAKE music.

Also, anything by Creed. That Scott guy is a first-class TOOL.


Mia said...

1. NIN and Metallica are my chill out music. I thought I was the only one.

2. Fergie does look like a man and she really has no talent. That being said, her music is so damn catchy that it get's stuck in my head and I end up wanting to stick a fuzzy pink screwdriver through my eardrums.

3. Scott Stapp can suck it.

That is all.

Janet said...

I'll one up you on the Fergie thing. I am not angry that she makes music, I'm angry that she makes the music she makes.

Because see I actually DO think she's talented. This is because I grew up watching her as the cute and talented little white girl, Stacey Ferguson on Kids Inc. We all wanted to be her. Seriously.

To see what she became angers me because the girl has talent, she just decided to pretend she's everything she's not...twenty-two, manish, black and gangsta.

It just ain't right.:(

Janet said...

Oh and btw, I am still confused. This is your blog link with content, but the link you are including in my comments doesn't have anything there. I'm just going to keep commenting here until you tell me otherwise:)