Glands, Work, and Productivity

Yesterday was my first day at the new job and let me just say, HOLY. CRAP it was fun. I spent the morning helping little old ladies do crossword puzzles and blowing up balloons for the pirate-themed luncheon and the afternoon calling Bingo and baking monkey bread with them. And the whole day, I am thinking, "Seriously? They are going to pay me for this?!" Awesome.

What was NOT awesome was that when I woke up yesterday my glands were swollen and I felt like I had been hit by a truck, making the day not so much enjoyable as exhausting. But I got off at four, came home and took a nap.

B was scheduled to be in at 8 this morning, making it imperative that I feel better by the time he pulled into the driveway. I took every vitamin known to man, a little cold and sinus medicine and a PM to knock me out. This morning, when the phone rang at 8 and B said he was just a few miles away, I rinsed my puffy eyes with cold water and sucked it up. I am still not one hundred percent, but I was energetic and feeling well enough to introduce B to the legendary breakfast spot of the beaches and then, because he is on vacation, a bloody mary at the bar down the street. By 10:30, I had been more productive than I had ever imagined. I have given directions, had my coffee, eaten a big breakfast, given a tour, and had a bloody mary. Is it time for bed yet? Nope. Almost time for Algebra. Fuuuuuuck.

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Mia said...

You won my trivia contest! Yay for you! I can't find your email on your page though so I can email you about your free design, so drop me a line so we can spiff up this joint :-) Not to be confused with Spliff...she doesn't need any help.

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