A Late Tell it to me Tuesday!

Okay, I totally love Tuesdays because of Janet over there...This is always fun!

This week, she asked about the strangest searches that brought someone to your blog! OOOH! You all know I love this, hence the "How you found me" posts...

So I have narrowed it down to these...I thought I would do five...but then I thought, shit, there are so many more that are deserving!

1. Bathtub differences. Okay, so I am not sure about this one...it is funny to ME, because I know what I was writing about when this happened. I love it.

2. Woman looking for cats for fuck. This frightens me, but it is strange INDEED. And Ernge doesn't want to.

3. Addicted to tryptophan. Ummm?

4. Boob collage. Okay...seriously...no.

5. Patient with an erection. I have experienced this first-hand...and he was a mental patient and is now in jail for trying to kill his wife. SO...there ya go.

6. Mouthful of Activities. I believe this SHOULD have been Mouthful of Cavities...it is a Blind Melon song...but if you are really looking for a mouthful of activities...I really don't know what to tell you.

7. Pantyhose face. All I have ever said about pantyhose is that I loathe them. LOATHE. Yeah, I said it.

8. Open-faced unitard. I don't even know what this MEANS.

9. Ass. Heh. This makes me giggle.

10. How to give fellatio. Seriously. I posted an article about this once because someone kept finding me this way. I am still confused as to why.

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Janet said...

I can't decide what is weirder...that people are out there searching for these things on my site, or that these people are out there searching for these things, period.

Thanks for playing!

shirley said...

oh man, I wish a search for "ass" led to me! hee hee!