Just when you think it is safe to say that you will never speak to someone again...there they are, asking you to take their cat.

Last night, post-hangover workday, I decided that you, the internet, must miss me and that I might, for good measure, check my email. Right there in my inbox was a message from myspace. "Jer has sent you a myspace message". What? Why?! Surely, this could not be THE Jer that I lived with for a couple of years. It could not be the Jer who was my first. Because THAT Jer hadn't spoken to me since Matt's funeral and I had rather liked it that way. But alas, it was THAT Jer. Politely attempting smalltalk while asking me to re-adopt the cat that he got in our divorce.

I have to say, after the five years or so since our breakup, I had sort of expected that I wouldn't hear from him unless someone died (which was how it happened the last time, since for some reason, I was the one who thought about letting him know so that he wouldn't find out from some weirdo on the street) but now? Now he wants me to take MY cat back?! What? How can you have a cat for seven years and then just decide to call your ex-girlfriend and see if she wants to take him? I happen to know he loves that cat so much that it must really hurt him to get rid of him and he did say that he wanted to ask me first before giving him to anyone else...but seriously? D is under the impression that his wife is resentful of the cat because he was OURS...but they have had him longer than I ever did. You don't just give a pet away...it is like giving a kid away (although I would be more likely to give a kid away than my pet).

I am torn between taking Sebastian (BACH) and just telling Jer that I can't. After all, we already have two cats and they are...enough...but I would hate for some asshole that I have never met to get Sebastian and then wonder why his jerk-off father doesn't love him anymore. The poor baby. Boys are so fucking stupid.

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