The Move (and some other stuff...)

Guess what, internet! I am free! That's right, the move is complete. There are still a few items that have been left behind for the time being while I get things situated in the new place enough that I have some idea where the rest of everything will go, but for the most part? Move = over.
Some things of note:
1. I love, love, LOVE the color I chose for the place. Love. Come to think of it. It is sort of the same color as this blog. Hmmmm...
2. Spliffany was very helpful. In fact, while everyone carried boxes and boxes down the stairs and loaded them into the truck, she relaxed in the sun on the porch.  I half expected to see people fanning her and feeding her grapes. She is lovely. Or she is a huge bitch. I will leave that for you to decide, my friends. (In her defense, she honestly cannot be bothered with such things as helping a sista out, seeing as she has to spend 99.9% of her time obsessing over a boy and trying to get skin cancer. So, you can see where there would be no time for...you know...much else. But I digress.)
3. Tony and my uncle Paul rocked my face off with all their help. Unk even bought me some groceries and dinner at Carrabba's! Woot! I will never turn down some chicken parm, ya'll. I just can't do it.
4. I came in to work this morning to discover that half of the office has pneumonia. Fantastic!
5. I have woken up at 4am consistently for the last week. I am really not sure what is happening to me. This morning, I actually got to work an hour and 45 minutes before I was scheduled to be here. Something is terribly wrong.
Come to think of it, I should probably be working. Pictures of the new place to follow!

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