Potentates (Revisited)...For Grandpa (RIP 12/11/09)

Well, internet, this past Saturday was the one-year anniversary of my grandfather's death. I've been a little freaked out thinking that this will be the first Christmas with neither of my grandparents around and even more freaked out that the anniversaries of their deaths are also both this month.

This morning, my grandmother on my mom's side of the family sent me this link from the Pepsi Refresh Project and it appears that someone wants to fix up the old Calumet Theatre. This, my friends, is where most of my very early memories of my dearest Grandpa take place. He was a member of the Calumet Players when I was just a tiny thing. I remember seeing him on stage and how much excitement I got from watching him perform. He was, by no means, a professional actor, but he was good. I mean, really good. He used to come to visit with us during intermission and I would always giggle about the fact that he was wearing blush (come on, guys, I was three or four).

Needless to say, this place holds a significance for me and my heart swelled to see that someone (or lots of someones) want to make it new again. Please go and vote, for my grandpa!
(just because)

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