Day Fourteen: A Song that No One Would Expect You to Like

Okay, I really had to think LONG and hard about this one, because really…if you have seen any of the previous days or know me at all, then you probably don’t get surprised about the ridiculousness of my musical taste at all. I range from Bluegrass to Emo to R&B to…well, you get it. My iPod is confusing and clearly has Multiple Personality Disorder. So I had to dig really deep to find a song that I like, that someone would also be surprised that I like. And I found one, ya’ll. And my choice in song here makes me feel like I should…you know…do what all the cool thirteen-year-olds (or drag queens) are doing these days. (Seriously. What ARE the cool thirteen-year-olds doing these days? Listening to this song? Sad.)

The song I picked shames me. But I intend to defend myself.

So, (brace yourselves) I picked “Tick Tock” by Ke$ha.

1.     I would like to say, internet, that the reason I know this song is because I frequent drag shows. Yes, I know, you are totally shocked that someone as totally conservative such as myself would attend a drag show. But its true. And drag queens really, really like Ke$ha.
2.     I bought Just Dance 2 for my Wii. This song is on it. I dance to it periodically (when I am not dancing to various Fat Boy Slim songs. My choices are limited. Stop judging me.)

That’s really all the defense I got. But I will say that were it not for my love of drag queens and dancing badly in my living room while tipsy, I would never have heard this song. Because I am neither 13 or a drag queen. But, dammit internet, it is catchy.

I said good day.

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