Day Thirteen: A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

Okay, you guys, I am a huge dork. And I know this. And I embrace it. (And admit it, it is part of why you like me.)

I was going to go with the obligatory Justin Timberlake answer on this one, but in really giving it some thought, I realized that, while I DO feel guilty about digging JT on that rare occasion, I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t answer this question with one of his songs.  (And if they can’t, they are probably just afraid of letting out their inner teenaged-girl. Which I guess could be embarrassing for…dudes. Not me though, I routinely still listen to NKOTB on my iPod. Cause I’m cool like that.) So, JT wouldn’t do.

I decided to go with a song that reminds me of my childhood. A song that I remember listening to during snow storms when I was clomping around the house in too-big cowboy boots and singing all the wrong words. But it makes me happy to think of all those years ago (and for those of you who are counting, I was 5 years old, 7 million years ago.) Are you guys ready for this?  I chose, “I Love a Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt. (And there WILL be a link here later, but unfortunately, I can’t get it to work right now.)

So, there ya have it, folks. I am 7 million (and 5) years old and I like old Adult Contemporary music from the early 1980’s.

And I am not ashamed. 

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