Day Twelve: A Song by a Band That You Hate

Oh, man, internet. I think I have mentioned before how much I loathe (and yes, I mean LOATHE) Bedouin Soundclash. There was no question that I would have to use this band for my “band that you hate”. (I hate you, Whiny Bedouin Soundclash guy!)

I picked, “When the Night Feels My Song” because I might hate it the absolute most. I didn’t mind it for a long time, but then it seeped its way through my bedroom walls 35 times a day and became Spliff’s ringtone and seemed to be everywhere (even at work, because she keeps her phone on “annoyingly loud ring” all day) and I couldn’t escape. And this has not changed. (I dare you. Check it out. If I ever meet this guy, I will flick him in the forehead like in that episode of “Friends”.)

Curses, Bedouin Soundclash!

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