Day Nine: A Song You Often Hear on the Radio

Oh, internet, you should know better. I can’t remember the last time I listened to the radio. And if I did, it was probably the oldies station, and then…YOU GUESSED IT, internet.  Phil Collins was playing!

“In the Air Tonight”, I am convinced, is playing constantly. It never fails, if a radio is on and I walk into a store, a public restroom, an underwater basket weaving seminar, it won’t be long and the famous notes will start to play and my skin will begin to crawl.

I don’t really think that I need to say anymore about this.

I did, however, recently hear that Phil Collins was retiring from music and that is good news. If only it meant that they could no longer play him on the radio (read: everywhere I happen to be.)

*Also, is this not the CREEPIEST picture of Phil Collins you have ever SEEN? Just sayin'.


Jene said...

Yes, that's a very creepy picture of him. I actually went to see him in concert when I was 10, back in 1991. True story. My aunts took me. The summer before that, it was Rod Stewart. I refer to it as the "old fart" phase of my live musical life.

spaceface01 said...

WOW! Well, at least you got your "old fart" period over with early. You should be safe now, forever!