Day Eight: A Song You Know All the Words to

I had a hard time with this. Partially because I know the words to so many songs and I couldn’t figure out which one I am most proud of knowing all the words to. I mean, I seriously could have gone all Color Me Badd on your asses. But I didn’t. And I know you are thankful.

I chose a song that I could seriously listen to on repeat for hours (and have in the past). It isn’t the most upbeat or uplifting song, but I think I might be a little in love with Jenny Lewis. I can’t help it, ya’ll! She was on “Growing Pains”! On what planet is that not awesome?!

Anyway, the song I chose is “Pictures of Success” by Rilo Kiley. And I am listening to it now. And probably will listen to it 13 or 14 more times this afternoon.

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