So, here’s the scoop. Have a date tomorrow. Not really nervous. Guy seems normal. He is literate, can carry on a conversation (a witty one, at that), has no visible deformities, and has opposable thumbs. So there ya go. The only nervousness I have experienced was right after the phone call when I called Sarah back and she asked me what I plan to wear. I could have jumped out of my skin. I have a hard enough time deciding what to wear to the damn grocery store. Damn. If you ask me, she is trying to set me up for a neurotic episode. But…whatchagonnado? Being that this is the first actual date that I have had in…too long to admit…she might have me here.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day (Yeah, I know I already had one, I got a new one, deal with it.): “Kodachrome”-Paul Simon


Pookie.... said...

ohhhhh Crittle IS a girl!!!!! No episodes its just an outfit, babydoll!!!

Pookie.... said...

also I am still not on the bitches list!!!!