Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

Oh man, internet…it is about to get really 1980’s in here.
So, as a female child of the 1980’s, it is totally fair to say that I was kind of in love with Jordan Knight. I tight-rolled my jeans, totally did that wave thing with my bangs, and liked things that were bedazzled and/or fluorescent. (Which sounds much like what you see now, when you enter…THE MALL.) But even with all the NKOTB obsessing, I had time to devote to my real hero. Debbie Gibson.

When I was in second grade, Debbie Gibson’s first album came out. And I was totally in love. I am serious. My friend Scarlett and I probably wore out several Debbie Gibson tapes (yes, tapes. God.) during the course of the time that we were neighbors. Scarlett and I were super-fans. We both dressed up as Debbie Gibson for Halloween one year (and, of course, since her mom was awesome, her costume was better and I spent the entire night lamenting over that bedazzled jean-jacket that I absolutely NEEDED. IN. MY. LIFE.) I was, however, the blonde one, so I felt some superiority because I might have looked a little more like our idol than Scarlett did. 

Scarlett’s mom used to dress us up in costumes to go to the grocery store (and I am talking two 8-year-olds in FULL crazy, glittery makeup and ridiculous outfits which may or may not have involved tutus) and QUITE often, we had to be Debbie. Picture it with me, internet, two miniature Debbies running around the produce section of Winn-Dixie singing “Only In My Dreams”. I am sure that we frightened people. 

So, that, my friends, is my song for today. Now go over here and see if you can picture me and this lovely lady, prancing around the grocery store dressed like little tranny-clowns. Go ahead.

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Jene said...

LOVED Debbie. I even had the Electric Youth perfume spray. That was definitely the superior album, but I still have my Out of the Blue TAPE in my basement-box-of-junk.

I was a Donnie girl, so I guess we can be friends.